If you want to organize a screening of Kontinuasom in your school, cultural centre, social centre, cinema or playhouse, bar, etc., please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kontinuasom aims to enhance and disseminate Cape Verdean social and cultural reality in a journey through its musica, dance, theatre… and mostly through its people. Hence, this documentary aims at the widest circulation possible in as many social and cultural distribution channels as possible, and it is open to the organization of screenings by private individuals.

As decided during its creation (Aluguer project*), Kontinuasom is currently avaliable for its screening in DVD format in:

  • Development Cooperation Institutions in Spain, Portugal and France.
  • Associations of Cape Verdeans living outside Cape Verde.
  • Education and Cultural Associations in Cape Verde.

(Broadcasting rights in Cape Verde have been transferred free of charge to Cape Verdean Public Television, RTVC)

But it is also avaliable for anyone who wishes to lear about and better understand Cape Verdean culture, so we’re looking forward to receiving your e-mail!

All gains accruing from the screening of the film will be allocated to development cooperation projects conducted by NGO ASAD in Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau.

*The Aluguer project is a nonprofit project in wich artists, producers and technicians work on a voluntary basis driven by a common passion for Cape Verde.