KONTINUASOM is the result of a project named “Aluguer”.

This project aims to analyse, promote and disseminate the Cape Verdean culture and social reality with the fianl objective of enhancing international knowledge about them.

Written in Crioulo language, this full-length documentary takes us to a journey through Cape Verdean music. It is an identity hallmark for Cape Verdeans both in the archipelago and abroad.

This documentary aims to disseminate its message using all the cultural and social distribution channels available including:

  • International documentary festivals
  • General or special interest international television channels

It will be released on DVD and distributed free of charge via the following channels:

  • Institutions for cooperation and development in Spain, Portugal and France.
  • Broadcasting rights in Cape Verde have been transferred to Cape Verdean Radio and Television (RTC).

ALUGUER is a project in which artists, producers and technicians work on a voluntary basis driven by a common passion for Cape Verde.

Any profit generated by its distribution will be donated to cooperative projects conducted by the NGO ASAD in Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau.

Produced by ASAD, Utopi y Animasur.

Funded by Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) with the local project counterpart  Community Radio Station Voz Ponta de Agua.

Co-produced by RTC (Cape Verdean Radio and Television)